H2Otitanium AOP

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
One of the most powerful methods for disinfecting drinking water.

Enwa Titanium AOP

Enwa Titanium AOP uses the properties of oxidising hydroxyl radicals (OH•) to inactivate and convert microbes, bacteria and other organic pollutants in the water into harmless and inorganic substances. OH• radicals, have a higher oxidation potential than Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide and the rate of decomposition of organic material is fast and efficient.

Strong and immediate effect

Enwa Titanium AOP has a strong and immediate cleansing effect and is suitable as a ‘Gatekeeper’, or ‘Hygienic barrier’. The OH• radicals are generated using the energy of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation to initiate a ‘Photocatalytic’ process between the inner surface of the Titanium Di-Oxide’ (TiO2) reactor and the water passing through the treatment chamber.
The design of the reactor means that the water is exposed to both UV radiation and AOP simultaneously. The process occurs only inside the reactor and no harmful by-products or waste products are formed.


Ensures non-selective destruction of all organisms quickly and easily.
Environmentally friendly
No chemicals are added or used. No by-products are generated and left behind. Low energy consumption.

Cost effective

Expensive chemicals are not required. Low-cost maintenance. Long life of the product.
The system is available in different sizes for flows from 0.5 m3 / h to over 1000 m3 / h.


Fully automated control and monitoring system.
No permanent changes in the physical or chemical parameters of the water.
No risk of overdosing.