Built Environment

Our objectives:

  • Protect the design efficiency of new buildings
  • Provide optimal environmental conditions
  • Make existing buildings more efficient

Public Health

Our objectives:

  • Provide safe drinking water and clean process water
  • Prevent exposure to harmful micro-organisms
  • Minimise the potential risk of infection

Service and Maintenance

Our objectives:

  • Provide technical support across the UK
  • Provide professional, cost effective and reliable services
  • Meet our customers’ needs and expectations

Our Products

Side stream filtration and water treatment solutions to enhance the performance, efficiency and lifespan of HVAC systems….

Ultrafiltration to 0.03 µm reliably filters and removes Legionella, E. coli and other bacteria for Marine and Onshore potable and process applications….

Advanced Oxidation Process – AOP, disinfection through oxidising hydroxyl radicals (OH •), for potable and process water applications….

We specialise in water treatment technologies and solutions, pre-filtration, softeners, side stream filtration, ultrafiltration, UV, AOP, Reverse Osmosis….