Enwa Bin-X

Cleaning of potable water by the use of ultrafiltration (UF) – Marine and Onshore applications.

The BIN-X ultrafiltration system for drinking water filtration provides an absolute and reliable barrier against pathogens that may be in water regardless of the feedwater quality (i.e. Legionella, and all other bacteria and any particulates). The system works under normal water pressure conditions and has an automatic flush function to clean and maintain the membrane filter in operational mode avoiding the use of chemical cleaning dosage.

The natural minerals in the water are not affected but the water is effectively cleaned so it is the optimal solution for providing drinking and potable water as well as hot water for showers. The BIN-X System is suitable for both onshore and offshore applications, in industries and all other applications where bacteria free water is important.

The system is based on a mechanical filtration process using a hydrophilic membrane technology of special modified PES (PolyEtherSulphone) with a pore size of only 0.03 µm.

The membrane capillary fibres each have seven bores resulting in very high mechanical strength with long lifetime, thereby minimising your maintenance costs.

The feed water enters one end of the BIN-X ultrafiltration module, and the clean filtered water (permeate) is collected outside the capillary fibres.
A scheduled flush procedure controlled by a PLC opens a solenoid valve at the concentrate connector end of the module.
Under reduced pressure conditions the collected material is immediately flushed to drain, cleaning the capillaries.
The flush duration time is as standard set to 12 sec. each 4 or 6 hours and will be adjusted to the installation requirements.

Bin-X System® benefits

Provides maximum protection against Legionella and other bacteria and particles

  • Reduces bio-film
  • Automatic flush function
  • 4 year membrane lifetime
  • Low operational costs – limited service costs
  • Approved for installation into drinking water systems
  • Installs on the main cold water supply and the circulating hot water
  • System is driven by the mains water pressure

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) recommends ultra filtration for treatment of water to avoid Legionella:

ETA-Denmark certified and approved for installation directly at the inlet point of cold water supply and installations for HWS.

It is also approved for water treatment for ice cube machines, drinking water coolers, technical water and other applications – also in combination with car-bon filters.

Recommendation from Copenhagen Water Supply and The Danish Ministry of Environment.

“Bin-X ultra filtration systems reduce the conditions for biological growth, and accordingly also for Legionella, in water systems. The most effective solution is to filter both the cold (including the feed water to the water heater) and hot water. If the hot water circulates to maintain a high temperature at all tapping points also the circulating water must be run through the ultra filtration system. The system does not add any chemicals to the water, not even during flushing.”

UK WRAS approval pending.