Social and Wellbeing

Recently we all started a new social and wellbeing initiative to bring people together after work. We started by arranging to meet locally after a busy Monday in late May and headed out for an afternoon walk around nearby Thornton Reservoir.

Everyone was in great spirits at the end of the walk and felt it had worked wonders to clear heads and set a positive frame of mind for the days to come After the walk, conversation led to what should we do next. ‘Open water swimming’ was suggested and whilst swimming was not for everyone several of us signed up to take part and we booked as swim at Stanton Lakes in early July.

There is seating by the lakeside for the non-swimmers who still wanted to join in the fun and take part of the experience.  Everyone had a wonderful time, feeling rejuvenated after their dip in the lakes cool clear water. It really was an amazing experience to be surrounded by nature and the resident wildlife.

The outing has since sparked a renewed interest in swimming for some of us and those looking for more adventure have gone on to swim at Stoney Cove having really taken to the ‘open water swimming’ experience.

August will hopefully bring something equally special.

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