Mental Health Awareness Week

Enwa Water Technology UK is observing Mental Health Awareness Week from May 15th to 21st, which focuses on the theme of anxiety this year as chosen by The Mental Health Foundation.

Anxiety is a common experience for all of us, but for some, it can significantly impact their work and personal life, and even become a serious mental health issue. Anxiety can arise from everyday work stresses, financial burdens, and other factors that can be intensified by the current cost-of-living crisis.

A recent UK survey conducted in November 2022 showed that 34% of adults feel anxious, and 10% experience feelings of hopelessness. It is essential to recognise the effects of the current situation on our mental and physical health and take steps towards progress by discussing our challenges with family, friends, and colleagues. Only through open conversations and education can we find solutions to these issues.

Enwa Water Technology UK is committed to promoting mental health awareness and has planned a series of activities to encourage team members to share their thoughts and ideas.

On May 15th, the team kicked off the week with a “Bring a Trowel to Work Day,” inspired by the positive impact of spending time outdoors on mental health.

They will also be revitalising their garden, which was established in memory of their late colleague Carrij Ferdinandus.

On Thursday, the team will have a lunchtime “Wear it Green Fun Quiz” with refreshments, and more activities are being planned for the rest of the week.

What are your plans for the week, and how will you raise awareness of the importance of mental health? Share your activities, and let’s make this a great week of promoting mental health awareness together!

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