ENWA Bespoke | Royal Holloway University’s Main Boiler House

Application: Main Boiler House – MTHW

Specification: EM BS 1260 HT, 120°C, 10 bar

Royal Holloway Main Boiler House

The Main Boiler House at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) began life providing coal fired heating to the Founders Building. Although now transformed by a theatre and café development, the site retains it’s original function with modern, high efficiency boilers now occupying a fraction of the original space

Commissioned in December 2021, the Bespoke High Temperature (HT) EnwaMatic unit was part of a programme of installations serving over 30 heating and cooling systems across the campus.

Initiated in 2008, the aim was to enhance the performance, efficiency and lifespan of HVAC systems, whilst improving the environmental and safety aspects of their operation

High Temperature (MTHW) Operation

Operating filtration systems at temperatures greater that 110°C presents unique challenges. Higher specification stainless steel internal vessels are UKCA rated (classified as gas) as built to ASME VII DIV1, certified under Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

The design includes a number of hardware & software features to ensure safe operation:

  • Temperature and pressure gauges linked to the control panel, shutting down and isolating the installation in event of a high level alarm.
  • Double ‘block and bleed’ safe isolation valve assemblies on the MTHW inlet & outlet. Integral Pressure relief valve. TIG welded Sch.10 316 stainless steel pipework.
  • Fully automated backwash process to clean the filter media.
  • Programmed cool down period prior to backwashing.
  • Graphical PLC display shows the status of the installation. Warning signs for high pressure and temperature status.
  • Air vents piped to floor level in copper pipe. Cooling stems for temperature and pressure gauges.
Automated Display PLC

For more information on our EnwaMatic Bespoke units and how they can improve your applications, please speak to our sales team on 01530 830354 or uksales@enwa.com.

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