Enwa to deliver 30 EnwaMatic Side Stream Filter units for the new Stavanger University Hospital

The new Stavanger University Hospital with a planned budget of approximately NOK 11.5 billion (~ £958 M) has a planned size of circa 125,000 m2 making it one of Norway’s largest hospitals.

The new university hospital at Ullandhaug was initially to be completed in 2023 but project directors now envisage the new hospital will be opened in the autumn of 2024 at the earliest.

The buildings are connected to a district heating network which provides space heating via underfloor heating, whilst a wet cooling system provides comfort cooling.

To optimise operations, heat transfer efficiency and to maintain good water quality in the various heating and cooling systems, more than 30 EnwaMatic side stream filter and water treatment units will be installed during the completion of the buildings.

EnwaMatic Side Stream Filter and Water Treatment for closed loop systems

  • Corrosion inhibition without the need for conventional chemicals
  • Scale control
  • Filtration of suspended solids to less than 10 mg/l
  • Air separation
  • Restriction of bacteria growth

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