Energy and the Environment

ENWA technologies protect heating and cooling systems by combining modern filtration techniques with green alternatives to traditional chemical dosing. Control of harmful processes and the removal of suspended debris enhances the performance, efficiency and lifespan of HVAC systems.


EnwaMatic® technology protects the environment in two ways: By providing a green alternative to chemical inhibitors and cleaning agents, whilst increasing the energy efficiency and lifespan of the systems they serve.

The calcite / dolomite reaction media is entirely non-hazardous, both to the operators of the system and to downstream waste water treatment. Treated water is clear and colourless, reducing the impact of spillages during maintenance works in 'front of house' areas. By reacting to any additions of make-up water and the continuous removal of debris, the requirement for periodic chemical cleaning and flushing can be removed.

Energy efficiency is maintained by protecting the function, life cycle and heat transfer efficiency of the key components. Insulating layers caused by scaling, corrosion or biofilm formation can dramatically reduce heat transfer, whilst suspended debris can block or damage components such as TRV's, fan coil units, temperature sensors, heat exchangers and automated valves. Unchecked, harmful processes including corrosion, debris erosion and scale will reduce the effective lifespan of equipment, presenting a major cost and environmental impact.

The properties of water as an energy carrier can be degraded by suspended solids loading. Particles of iron, for example, will hold heat and reduce transfer efficiency at heat exchange surfaces. Boilers or chillers will operate less efficiently as design Delta T values are not achieved. Pumps may have to work harder to meet the demands of the building, or to overcome local flow restrictions. Erosion damage to impellers and seals will increase the likelihood of premature failure. Impaired sensors or automated control valves will undermine many of the benefits of BMS systems.

Enwa Water Technology AS is a stock based limited company with a share capital of NOK 9 889 638 and registered in Norway at Foretaksregisteret in Brønnøysund under the registration number 981 335 961.
Our head office is at Nordre Kullerød 9, 3241 Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway.